If you have full access to the MyTHDHR self-service portal, you can change anything you make from anywhere, at any time. You can always get help from them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The portal has many useful and helpful things for Home Depot employees. You can use these services if you are a current or former employee of the company and go to the MyTHDHR portal.

MyTHDHR Portal Services

  • The ESS portal lets employees find and change important data on the Internet. Through the employee’s monthly self-service program, you can even check the address and other personal information.
  • The Home Depot portal must let employees interact with it through tax benefits and other fields so that they can set up or change their direct deposit information.
  • The person who has an account can change the view of withholding and print different types of traditional tax returns that include payment details. Through this employee self-service portal, you can get to them.

You can activate the credit card, log in or try to pay off Homer’s credit balance, change your mailing address, see notices about vacations, and print vacation packages.


  • Users can enter and change related data with this program’s help. You can also use the monthly self-service online portal to give the mailing address and other information.
  • When employees need to think about service privileges and fees, they can give them the membership profile and choose when to make the direct deposits.
  • You need to be connected to the network to use the self-service pages. To do this, workers must enter and change data safely.
  • When you map over the network, be careful. Keep in mind that workers should print the logs in a safe place on the printer and log off of the online portal when they’re done.