Employee Benefits

Myth: Full-time hourly, part-time hourly, and salaried employees can all get benefit plans through MythDHR. Dependents who are eligible may also be covered in most cases. This includes same-sex domestic partners.

Full-Time Associates Paid by the Hour

  • Coverage for dental, vision, and disability
  • Insurance for life
  • Medical Savings Accounts
  • Insurance for accidental death and dismemberment for part-time employees

Short-Term Disability Insurance

  • Insurance for life
  • Dental and eye care insurance FutureBuilder 401(k) plan spending account 
  • Plan for Employees to Buy Stock
  • Money in the bank and direct deposit.

Benefits for Time off

  • Time off for personal or sick days, including military leaves
  • Jury Duty Holidays for Vacations and Deaths
  • Benefits for work and life
  • CARE and Life Solutions

Adoption Assistance

  • METDesk – Needs-Based Discounts for Dependents Assistance Associates
  • Payment for school
  • Help With Relocating
  • A Team Depot Event for Volunteers
  • Program to Match Gifts
  • Program for Giving Up Tobacco
  • Making tax returns Offer a discount 
  • Make a backup Care for Dependents 

Goods for Groups

  • Insurance for your car or home Legal Services Plan Pet insurance

MyTHDHR Services

Career Depot: This is the best option that MyTHDHR gives employees. It lets them see management, corporate, retail hourly, and other non-store jobs and apply for them. 

You Can Choose Between

  • Hourly jobs in stores, DC, or MET, as well as corporate and other jobs.

Paid more and paid less taxes: 

You get paid electronically by MyTHDHR. The best way to get paid is through direct deposit, but you can also get a payroll card. Either choice is a convenient way to get paid regularly without having to worry about natural disasters.

My Apron

This is also a place where Home Depot employees can use the internet. My Apron works the same way that MyTHDHR does. They can see information about themselves, like their pay stubs, schedules, benefits, tax returns, and other personal information.

People who work at My Apron can apply for new jobs to move up from their current position to a better one. On the other hand, you can’t use My Apron if you don’t use the computer at Home Depot with your user ID and password. This means that you can’t use My Apron to get to MyTHDHR on your own devices, like your computer or cell phone.