MyTHDHR is a place where all Home Depot employees and customers can log in. There are MyTHDHR stores in the US where people can get all kinds of necessary items. You can also have the items sent to your home.


What is MyTHDHR?

It’s the website where you can place an online order with Home Depot. People in charge of the store also use the portal to pay their employees and run the business.

From this page, you can change your shipping address as well as your personal contact information, like your email address and phone number. This is also where you activate your payroll card. 


How to Get to myTHDHR for Employees and Customers

  • Use a safe way to connect to the network.
  • For safety reasons, print out a copy of every document.
  • Remember to log out of your account when you’re done using it.
  • Make sure that you can connect to the internet properly while you do these things.

Login to MyTHDHR

  • Use the browser on your phone to search for www.mythdr.com on Google.
  • Click on “depot ess” to log in.
  • Type in the correct consumer ID and password.
  • Now that you’re done entering, tap “Login” to get in.


How to Change your Consumer ID

  • People who have bought things from Home Depot or online can get their consumer ID from the bills they have brought with them.
  • Customer IDs are given to people who work at the store when they first start working there.
  • If employees have any problems with their IDs, they can call the toll-free number and get a new one sent to their registered email address.

How to Change Your Password?

  • Visit the official page to log in.
  • The password got lost by Tao.
  • After a short time, you will get a one-time password by email or phone number that is linked to your mythdhr account.
  • As soon as possible, give the OTP.
  • Now type in the new password and check it with the password hint to make sure it’s correct.
  • You can also click “Remember Password” to have it done for you the next time you visit.


How to Make an Account on myTHDHR?

  • One of the requirements to make an account on mythdhr is to work at the store.
  • When you get to the login page, it’s easy to find the “create new account” link. Press it.
  • After your first name, write your last name and the date you were born.
  • Your permanent address and email address should be written in their own spaces.
  • Agree to all the rules and terms.
  • Don’t forget any important details. If so, you might have trouble setting up the account.
  • To go on, tap “Create an account.”
  • You can now easily log in to mythdhr if you enter the right information.

Putting in for time off at Home Depot

  • Use the right ID and password to log in.
  • Visit self-service.
  • To get to my schedule, tap “Schedule Request.”
  • You can now get time off from your schedule ahead of time. Most of the time, this request is granted.

The Mythdhr portal is mostly used by employees to get their regular pay. To change how long they work. They can also see the deals that the store makes available to employees.

The employees can also check their leave from this page, and the correct list of leaves is kept for future use. Many well-known businesses and organizations have used this portal as their only one for years because it is completely safe and works well.