Other Benefits

MyTHDHR is a web portal for Home Depot employees. MyTHDHR, the official website of Home Depot, allows employees to view pay stubs, view and manage their schedules, and access company news. Additionally, it includes management positions, as well as corporate and non-store positions.

Leaves and holidays can be arranged according to your personal preferences. On the MyTHDHR login portal, the process is very flexible.

There are leave allowances for vacations and holidays. You are also entitled to a completely free domestic trip once every five years. If you urgently need time off (including military leaves) for exams, work, etc., you may apply for a Leave of Absence.

With The Home Depot Associate Discounts, you are rewarded every time you shop. You can get the coupons by logging into your MyTHDHR account.

You can avail of rewards and offers through the Matching Gift Program. You will also have access to the Tobacco Cessation Program and the Tax Preparation Discount Program for your well-being. 


By working at House Depot, the workers are able to improve their quality of life and job. For this reason, Residence Depot offers a number of programs like tax preparation, life insurance, staff member discounts, cigarette cessation programs, employee discounts, volunteer events, matching gift programs, and backup dependent care.

Home Depot is a great place to work as it is not a stagnant occupation. It is possible for you to enhance your career. To find out more about self-improvement as well as a job plan, go to the My Orange Ladder feature.

You can examine your job routine by viewing the official portal. Additionally, you are allowed to set your schedule. Therefore, you might want to take time off for a trip or for other urgent tasks.